Cập nhật Nội dung Hữu ích của Google – Ngày 20 tháng Tám 2022 – Các nhà văn Nội dung Ai Jasper Frase và Nichesss cần đề phòng!

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Google’s Update on AI Content Writing and Writing Assistants


In this video, we’ll discuss the helpful content update from Google as it pertains to AI content writers or content writing assistants. We’ll highlight key points from the update and how they impact website content creation.

Helpful Content

Google’s update stresses that content should be helpful to readers and not just written for search engines. Visitors should feel satisfied after reading the content.

Expertise and Firsthand Experience

Google is also seeking content that demonstrates expertise or firsthand experience. This is particularly important for review sites and those in specialized niches.

Primary Focus and User Satisfaction

Websites should have a primary focus and aim to help users achieve their goals. Additionally, content should not be solely designed to attract search engine traffic.


In summary, Google’s update aims to improve the quality of website content and user experience. By adhering to the guidelines, websites can provide helpful and meaningful content to readers.